Global Fund Lauds Uganda on HIV, TB and Malaria fight


The Global fund board this morning lauded Uganda for being a good implementer of the programmes geared towards combating HIV, TB and Malaria.

In a two days global implementers group meeting going on in Kampala, the head of the office of board affairs, Global fund Geneva, Dr. Carole Presern, reveals that, the fund’s latest report which was released yesterday in France singles out Uganda as one of the best implementing countries that receive funds from them to fight HIV/AIDS.

She further mentions that though the picture seems to be rosy in Uganda and other few countries, there are still a number of challenges among them being, self sustained funding among others that need to be addressed if such epidemics are to conclusively be eradicated.

Dr. Kihumuro Apuuli, the country’s global fund committee chair further attributes the successes highlighted in the report to the highest levels of transparency that the country is exhibiting while implementing the global fund programmes

He then says, that this has seen Uganda reduce on the HIV disease burden by having more than 1.1M affected persons put on treatment out of the 1.5M.

However, Maurine Murenga, a board member representing communities living with HIV, TB and at the same time the vice chair implementer voting group confirms that the high level meeting going on in Uganda is to discuss how best to fund the countries still carrying the heavy HIV burden and also draw a road map for the coming years as well as examine the previous programme implementation across the globe.

Golbal fund was set up in 2002 to meet the treatment gap for the unprivileged persons across the globe, with USD.12.9Bn raised to kick start the fund.

70% of these funds were allocated to African countries with Uganda receiving USD.1.5Bn and in 2017/19 USD.465M.


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