DR.Congo Politics: Kabila Names Successor candidate for december elections


Joseph Kabila Kabange, the president of the democratic republic of Congo, has finally yielded to pressure and named his successor, and also his party’s candidate in the  delayed presidential elections which are slated for this year december 23.

Kabila’s choice for his People’s party for reconciliation and democracy  has come in the name of Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, who is former vice president and an interior minister in the Kabila government.

Mr.Ramazani’s reputation is however without dirt, as he is being accused by international community, for being behind the crack down on descent against Kabila’s government.

Kabila has been at the helm of Congo’s leadership since 2001, following the assasination of his father, Laurent Desire Kabila. Kabila was first elected as pesident in 2006, and re-elected in 2011.Kabila changed the constitution, to enable himself be eligible for a third term, which he served until 2016.

With this expiry, however, Kabila didnot relinquish the office, citing the government could not organise elections, since the country had no money, something that triggerd deminstrations, leading to arrest and detention of some of the demonstrators and critics.

The finally now, if anything is to be believed, will be certainly held.

   New twist.

With the return of the former war lord, and International criminal court convict, Jean pierre Bemba of the Movement for the Liberation of the Congo party, the heat is up, as more eight candidates get registered to participate in the dreaded december 23 election.

Mr.Bemba is thought to have nationwide supoort, given his jail and later acquittal by ICC, it is anticipated it may play in his favour, getting smpathy vote.

Last week, another opposition leader, Moise Katumbi was barred from entering the Country from exile, as he tried to have his name registered to return in the coming election.

Katumbi, one of Congo’s billionaire businerssmenand former mineral rich Katanga governor, left the country in 2016, after he was accused of plotting to overthrow Kabila.



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