Court tells perfectly healthy man that he is Actually Dead

Constantin Reliu, 63 is pictured at his place in the eastern town of Barlad, on March 16, 2018. A court rejected Reliu's request for the annulment of a death certificate which was issued in his name in 2016, according to a judgement seen on the court's website on March 16, 2018. The reason for the court's decision has not been confirmed, but according to Romanian media it was due to the deadline for changes to the certificate having passed. / AFP PHOTO / Adrian ARNAUTUADRIAN ARNAUTU/AFP/Getty Images

Court tells perfectly healthy man that he is Actually Dead

Scientifically, laughing relieves you of stress and extend your life span.Now is a reason for you to laugh.

In Turkey, a man named Constantin Reliu, 63, had the shock of his life when he was told that he was, in actual fact, dead.

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His wife had registered his death in 2016 after he didn’t return to Romania from Turkey, where he had worked as a chef for more than 20 years.

He has since been living a legalistic nightmare of trying to prove to authorities that he is alive. He faced a major setback on Thursday when a court in the northeastern city of Vaslui refused to overturn his death certificate because his request was filed ‘too late.’




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