Court Assessors acquit all Pension Scum Suspects; as their final verdict date is set


Anti-corruption Court Judge Magret Tibulya has set 21st/December/2018 to deliver Judgement in the Pension Scum case against three former Officials of Ministry of Public Service;

including Permanent Secretary Jimmy Lwamafa, Principal Accountant Christopher Obey and Commissioner Compensation Department Stephen Kiwanuka Kunsa.

The trio are jountly charged with a Senior Lawyer Bob Kasango for conspiring to defraud 6339 Claimants of their pension and gratuity amounting to 15,4billion shillings in the period December/2011 to 31st/August/2012.

These were retrenched Civil Servants who won a case against Government and the High Court ordered that they be paid.

Justice Tibulya announced the judgement date after receiving the Opinion of the two Court Assessors, Nelson Kamiza and Kisaakye Flavia Kalanda who are lay people with no legal knowledge, that were appointed to follow the trial on behalf of the Public. 

They have advised the Judge to acquitt all  the four accused persons in this case because Prosecution led by Josephine Namatovu has not proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Among the 20 people brought as witnesses by the Prosecution, some contradicted others, there was also evidence that claimants received their payment and the judicial documents Kasango is said to have forged inorder to steal this money, still forms part of the Court record as valid according to the  evidence of His Worship Erias Kisawuzi.

The Assessors therefore mantain that there is no evidence laid in Court to show agreement in writing or phone calls nor meetings held between the four accused persons and others still at Large to conspire to defraud Government of the said money.

That Kasango’s problem is with his name which could have led him to such charges against him by interpretation; otherwise  he is a smart, competent and credible person.

The accused persons have been returned to Luzira Prison till 21st/December to receive their verdict.


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