Bishop Ahimbisibwe condemns acts of Suicide as Ntungamo CAO’s Son is laid to rest


The Bishop south Ankole diocese the Rt Rev Nathan Ahimbisibwe has reminded all people everyone has got his/her own sorrowfulness advising them not to add their sorrows to others.

However, Bishop Ahimbisibwe comforted believers that all burden and sorrows were taken away by Jesus Christ on the cross urging them to accept His name for the Kingdom of Heaven.

He made these comforting words today during the burial of late Arnold Kwesiga the son to chief administrative officer (CAO) Ntungamo district Ananias Kweyamba Ruhemba in Butega Kagarama Town council Kajara county Ntungamo district.

In his preaching words, Venerable Rev canon James Ndyanabo Rutaraka (RTD) asked mourners to be humble and avoid bickering but seek and serve God because no one knows moment, second, hour, month of one’s death accept the only almighty.

Rev Canon Rutaraka told them that even the wisest men on the Universe have failed to know what shall kill one and where one will be.

The paternal uncle to late Kwesiga, Hon Kweronda Ruhemba noted that his son was humble and hardworking lawyer who served his clients diligently in Kenya.

In his eulogy the chief administrative officer (CAO) Ntungamo district Ananias Kweyamba Ruhemba and his wife Jessica described the death of their son late Arnold Kwesiga as unfortunate saying that for God’s case no appeal.

Kweyamba said that his son Kwesiga was generous, friendly, very handsome and committed servant to the advocate of the high court in Kenya.

Late Arnold Kwesiga was a maters in law student at University of Nairobi and an advocate of the high court in Kenya.

It is allegedly that Kwesiga 28 years committed suicide by using his belt and was found dead in his room in Kenya.

He revealed that he was planning to take dowry (Enjugano) for his Kenyan fiancé in February 2019.

The district chairperson Denis Singahache and MP Ruhaama County Hon Moses Kahima Mugabe said that the death of late Arnold Kwesiga Ruhemba as the country has lost one of the youngest Ugandan representative’s in Kenya.

It remains unclear why the late decided to end his life that way


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