Man Arrested for While Having Sex with a Corpse

  • Man Arrested While Having Sex with a Corpse

  • A man who works in a mortuary(mortician) in Georgia was arrested Georgia, after his penis got stuck inside a dead man’s rectum, causing him to get caught several hours later.
  • The man identified as Alfred Mortimer Evans, aged 67-year was laying on the body of a 47-year old car accident victim when his colleagues arrived, and he was visibly stuck in this awkward position.
  • He immediately admitted that he had been in this position for several hours and asked his co-workers for help.
  • Unfortunately for him, his colleagues were unable to help him and they had to call the emergency services.
  • Joey Dunmore, one of the paramedics who was called on the site, described the scene;
  • “He was laying on top of the corpse with his pants around his knees. He didn’t really seem to feel any pain, but he was obviously humiliated.”
  • It took paramedics more than an hour before they could free him, and he was then immediately arrested by officers.


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